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The Collection is comprised of Insignia from Player-vs-Player battles and Tokens from Gifting, joining Black Ops, Boss loot, Epic Boss loot, and Mini-Mission loot.

Tokens and Insignia are combined to make Units, Formations, or add Character Attribute points.

Tokens obtainable from Missions:

Tokens obtainable from Mini-Missions:


Insignia4 Insignia3 Insignia1 Insignia2 Insignia5
Clovercoin Hammercoin Fistcoin Daggercoin Pvpcoin PvpcoinALT
Attackcoin AttackcoinALT Powercoin Defensecoin Healthcoin HealthcoinALT
Levelcoin LevelcoinALT Staminacoin Energycoin Atomiccoin Suncoin
Wcoin GlobecoinALT Globecoin 2starcoin 3starcoin 4starcoinALT
Faction1 Faction2 Faction3 Faction4 Faction5 Factiontoken6
Factiontoken7 Factiontoken8 Factiontoken9 Spirecoin Arenatoken 6pointcoin
Formationcoin Fangcoin1 Fangcoin2 Fangcoin3 Fangcoin4 Fangcoin5
Xenocoin Krakentoken Titanlasercoin Giantrobottoken Epicrobottoken Dogtoken2
Dogtoken3 Sentineltoken2 Sentineltoken1 Asphodeltoken Vanguardtoken Typhontoken
Fallenprincetoken Burning Enclave Aerial Assault Gorgontoken2 Gorgontoken1 Mortifextoken1
Mortifextoken2 Hydratoken1 Hydratoken2 Lithidtoken1 Lithidtoken2 Arachistoken1
Arachistoken2 Jotuntoken Jotuntoken2 Sentinel2token1 Sentinel2token2 Beasttoken1
Beasttoken2 Karkinostoken1 Gnoraxtoken Bloomtoken1 Flagshiptoken1 Scythos token1
Talostoken Neocytetoken Infantrytoken Karkinostoken2 Gnoraxtoken2 Jacktoken
Flagshiptoken2 Nexusshardsmall

Tokens obtainable from Bosses:

Tokens obtainable from events:

Tokens obtainable from Epic Bosses:

Insignia obtainable from PvP battles:

Tokens obtainable from Gifting:

Token formerly available from joining Black Ops:


  • Prior to the introduction of Black Ops, the Loyalty Token was obtainable through a random link offering loyalty from your alliance.
  • The Academy Token was introduced with the short-lived Academy in Fall 2009; due to issues with the functionality of the Academy it was discontinued. The Token remained visible in the Collection until the release of the Arena Token in June 2010.
  • The Arena Token was introduced June 14, 2010 with 3 new Collection Units, and it replaced the Academy Token as a requirement for Veteran Formation and Academy +3 Attributes. The Arena Token became available with the introduction of the Arena.

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