War MetalEdit

Dread Panzer
Armored Robotic
Special Ability
Force: Health increased by 20
Ionic Blast: Chance to deal massive damage to enemy Force
Quality: Blue
Attack Defense
20 14

This unit can be acquired from the The War Machine Mission in Ashrock, as Boss loot from Stryder or Skullkeeper, by completing the Expert Achievement, or as Epic Boss loot from Shambler, Chimera or Tremor Wyrm.


Ionic BlastEdit

  • Proc rate: 10%
  • Damage: 2-8
  • Avg damage: 0.5


Dread Panzer is available to Tyrant players through Bronze, Silver and Gold packs and Mission 6.

Tyrant: Dread Panzer

TDread Panzer

Set: Standard
Quality: Common
Faction: Raider
Timer: 2 Turns
2 3
This card has no skills.

Tyrant UnleashedEdit

Stage 1: 4 timer, 4 attack, 7 hp, Counter 1

Stage 2: 4 timer, 5 attack, 7 hp, Counter 1

Stage 3: ???