Special Ability
Force: Health increased by 220
Zeal: Chance to bring another Infantry into battle and increase Infantry attack by 50%.
Quality: Purple
Attack Defense
26 26

War MetalEdit

Hydraulis has been available for acquisition through War Chips, Commander Pack, and War Packs. This commander may become available again in future Commander War Packs.

The proc rate for Hydraulis is 27.7 to 30%. Individual results may vary.


Hydraulis is available to Tyrant players through Enclave Packs.

Tyrant: Hydraulis


Set: Enclave
Quality: Common
Faction: Imperial
0 4


Hydraulis is a wild Commander - he can Mimic. Its effectiveness varies depending on which enemy Assault units have which activation skills. Hydraulis may be strong against Assault units with powerful Strike, Enfeeble and/or Rally; but when up against decks whose Assault units have no activation skills, his miserable 4 health makes him worse than Boris (8 health vanilla Commander). Hence he is rarely used in Faction Wars, although may be occasionally seen with a few structures to make him much harder to kill, while attempting to mimic enemy Strikes, Enfeeebles, Rallies, Jams or other things to significantly hurt the enemy team. Using Hydraulis in general is a gamble, but one that can pay off very well.

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