Epic Bosses were first introduced on 13 November 2009.


Epic Bosses are multiplayer PvE events where the objective of participating players is to reduce health of the enemy to zero. The Epic fails if the alloted time of the Epic runs out first.

All Epic Bosses, except Shambler, have as many as 1-4 Reinforcements which add to each player's Force Attack power. The Event Host has the ability to Mute individual players in order to prevent them from talking on the event wall. The Event Host also has a Freeze button which is intended to keep cap breakers from adding more damage to an event once they have exceeded the Host's requested cap or target.

List of EpicsEdit


  • Supporting a Shambler event is closed to higher levels. It is speculated that levels 35 or higher are unable to join the event. The threshhold could be lower than 35.
  • Hosts (Event Initiators) often give a Cap or Target for participants. Cap (hard) is used to denote maximum damage to be done by each participant; Target is used to denote a softer maximum damage to be within a small amount of damage +/- the amount given by the host. A Host may state Caps in stages of long events as Wyrms or Xeno Motherships, or may state the Cap in terms of xK + 1 single/flurry.
  • Failure of the Freeze link has been a known issue and Developers addressed it in the 1 July 2010 update.
  • A calculator for calculating useful statistics about epic boss fights is available at An alternative is available at; however, it is no longer updated and, as of now, does not include support for new epic boss mechanics such as Team Health seen in Typhon and Enclave Assault epic bosses.

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