Components Consumed on Launch Time per Instance Level Required to Join Team Size Enemy Health Team Health Enraged Mode
2 Chimera Beacons 72 Hours Unlimited 1 to 100 Players 1,000,000 Unlimited Does Not Exist

Released November 13, 2009, the Chimera is the second of two Epic Bosses introduced.


Gatling Turret (75/75)Edit

  • Required 20 calls answered to bring into battle

Rail Cannon (150/100)Edit

  • Requires 100 calls answered to bring into battle

Loot and RewardsEdit


  • $50,000
  • Experience: +50

Chance Loot:





Chimera Battle Victory Image

Upon entering the battle, you see:

The ground rips apart, revealing the legs of an armored monstrosity. Within seconds, a Chimera has emerged!

After achieveing a victory...

All that remains of the Chimera is a hulking, smoldering shell. Your Force is victorious!

Loot TiersEdit

Originally, Loot Tiers were established to spread loot according to the percent damage amount done during event. Now, Loot Tiers are based on reaching certain damage tiers rather than damage percentage. (Credit for table goes to Victor Vieira.)

0...................................You did not do enough damage
2,556.........................Trophy/+50 exp
5,260 - 8,013 .............Sabre, Prestige, chance of Pulse Core
10,503.......................Sabre, Prestige
15,250 - 17,120..........Chimera
18,489 - 434,779........Chance of Pulse Core

For legacy purposes, the original loot tiers based on damage percentage is shown below. If a player attained Rank 3, they would get all rewards for Ranks 3 through Rank 1. However, this system helped establish player-institued "CAPS" on events so that players would all have a chance at best loot. This also caused problems as some players purposefully would break CAP and thus caused Epic Boss events to be closed (meaning you had to belong to special groups to participate in them), thus harming the game as a whole.


  • Chimera units are obtained as loot from when the player deals at least 15K damage as found by Chimera Elite.
  • Loot Tier system in place November 2009, shortly after the release of the Chimera. Prior system was very random.
  • Chimera Elite is a closed group set up for those wishing to participate in Chimera events.
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